memoirs of the older child
Danny. 17. Taken 5/4/13. Gay.
Music. Food. Landscape. Comedy.


Italian humor #eftours
Firenze #eftours
Firenze… Or Florence as we call it in America #eftours
Duomo #eftours
From the top of the Spanish Steps #eftours
Fontana di Trevi #eftours
The Pantheon #eftours
The other day at the colosseum #eftours
Turn up! With levissima… Which is just bottled water
Over the alps during our final connection to Rome
¡Benvenuto a Roma!
Gutenberg Morgen aus Deutschland!!! Translation! Good morning from Germany! Mom and I landed in Frankfurt for our connection to Rome #eftours   (at Frankfurt Terminal 1 - Lufthansa)
A letter from a father ↘


Hello everyone. Let me give a bit of an introduction. I belong to what most of you would term “pioneer generation” these days. I have a wife and a 25 year old son. My son is gay. He was very much depressed since last five or six years but we were not able to know the reason.

One day when he…

Apr 12th (8:16am)
Apr 12th (8:05am)


Bob Saget: Saying fuck you to gender roles since 1994.

Apr 12th (8:05am)
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